Google’s “Scroll Anchoring” to Stop Jarring Page Loads

Scroll Anchoring to Fix Annoying Page

The issue of jarring loading page jump has been noticed by everyone, and to counter it, the search giant Google has rolled out the “Scroll Anchoring” feature.

Google’s Steve Kobes said, “Scroll anchoring is one of our favorite kinds of features — those that shine when no one notices them. Today we’re preventing an average of almost three ‘jumps’ per pageview, and we’re still getting better,”.

Basically, this feature locks the content where it is so loading of page won’t affect the position of screen, it will be at the same place where the reader was. In addition, the page will load completely in the background, above all user will get it with the newest update of Chrome and also Google subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. claims that it will prevent almost three jumps per pageview.

By stating Google in its blog said, “Similar to other features designed to protect our users from bad experiences, Chrome prevents these unexpected page jumps with a new feature called scroll anchoring. This feature works by locking the scroll position on an on-screen element to keep our users in the same spot even as offscreen content continues to load,”.

Since, there are infinite websites and each one has its own coding and design, Google is working on it to deliver in more efficient way.

As per the specification page, this update works by choosing a DOM (Document Object Model) node, calls the anchor node, “whose movement is used to determine adjustments to the scroll position”.

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