Google Starts Showing Pinterest-Like Shoppable Photos in Image Search

Google has now come up with a new feature which is useful. Now with this feature, in some occasions, by just a tap on an image will fetch a list of shoppable products that is featured in the image. So, what is exhibited in a pic is shown to the users when they click on an image. For example, if a user click on an image of a lady wearing sunglasses and holding a handbag, then Google shows links to buy bags, sunglasses or related products to the user.

Though, at this time there are a bunch of constraints on how this feature works, but eventually it will expand in a friendly way. Moreover, the suggestions will appear in mobile searches in the Android app. Also, they’re for some selected product categories including handbags, shoes, and sunglasses.

Google says that “the feature depends on machine vision to evaluate the products and choose similar items.” Moreover, the heavy work to show the desired results when clicking on image depends on the web developers who have to add meta data for the image to open desired links. So, after filling meta data for such images such pics can show suggestions accordingly.

Moreover, whatever it may but this idea really makes sense and Google says that “price and availability information was a top request from the image users.” The addition, seems similar to Pinterest-like feature, which with image shows an attached shopping information.

Moreover, Google is planning to expand the feature for more platforms. If it’s so then it would be very useful for the users.

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