‘Google Search’ to Add Some Exciting Features Very Soon

new google search features

With an aim to deliver enduring and impactful changes to Search, on Wednesday, Google announced key updates to its algorithms. The company has brought many further features in order to meet the challenge of finding the relevant from the most dependable sources available.

Google has brought many structural changes in its Search feature including improvements in ranking, convenient ways for individuals to provide direct feedback, and better transparency on how the Search feature works.

In order to prevent the spread of aggressive or misleading contents that have been known to exist in a small subgroup of queries, now Google has come up with an improved method of evaluation and introduced algorithmic updates that will support more authoritative content.

Google is also taking feedbacks from real individuals who judge the quality of the search results from Google then give appropriate feedback on the experiments, this is as part of the process. Such ratings don’t lay down individual page rankings instead these are utilized to help the company to collect information on the quality of the results and help in identifying areas for enhancements.

In the previous month, Google brought some updates in its ‘Search Quality Rater Guidelines’ to help provide comprehensive examples of the low-quality web pages for rates in order to appropriately flag it. Further, that can also include unpredicted offensive results, false information, and unfounded conspiracy theories.

Such guidelines are projected to help the algorithms in downgrading such low-quality contents and provide assistance in making additional improvements over a couple of time. Google utilizes hundreds of signals to decide which results are presented for a given request from the freshness of the contents, to the number of times a user’s search queries appear on the page. These signals have been tuned in order to help demote lesser-quality contents and support more authoritative pages.

To ensure the greater transparency, Google brought some recent updates in its ‘How Search Works’ which will help users and website owners to collect more information about the technology behind the Search works. The site contains an explanation of how Google ranking works and how the systems sort through billions of pages to return your search results, and an overview of user testing process as well. Apart from this, Google has also published new updates to its policy to its Help Center so that any individual can easily learn further about Autocomplete & the approach of Google to removals.

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