“Google Hire” the Job Application Portal Like LinkedIn: But in this the Employer can Peek into Applicant’s Google History

Google Hire job application portal

It appears that the subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Google has silently rolled out the applicant tracking system to some organizations in an invite-only beta version with a name: Google Hire.

In addition, the speculations are at its peak that it will track the digital history of the applicant, which might be little bit snoopy in one’s personal life.

If it is so, then it means that employer can peek into the applicant’s personal affairs.

This job application site “Google Hire” would be work in the same manner as LinkedIn and other sites do.

As per the tech experts, it seems that the employer will only access the history of links account on Google plus, YouTube and all.

For now, if you go to the page for signing in of Google Hire,

then, you will find a dialog on filling the particulars over there. “the address is not associated with an account”.

Although, google has not declared the invited companies name, but as per the source some selected companies currently utilizing the innovation “Google Hire” to manage their process of the job. The company names are:

  • Medisas
  • DramaFever
  • Poynt
  • Nanz
  • CoreOS
  • Touchlab
  • SingleHop
  • Citizen Inc
  • Calendly
  • Pace Avenue

As, the search giant has not spoken a single word about it, hence no one has an idea what kind of access it will about the search history of the applicant.


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