Google Duo Video Chat App Now Available Globally to Make Voice Call

Google Duo Video Chat App

“Google Duo’s new audio calling feature now available worldwide!” with this tweet the principle engineer at Google Mr. Justin Uberti unveiled the voice call feature in Duo.

The search giant Google’ Duo app was designed to facilitates with video chat now is ready to make voice call with it. Initially, one month ago it was trialed only in Brazil but now it is worldwide feature.

To elaborate it Mr. Uberti explained, “great for users with low bandwidth connections; tested to work even on 2G networks. Also great for calls in noisy/public locations.”

Also, the voice calling via the video chat app Duo is just matter of switching the toggle provided at the top of the interface of app, explained technical lead of Duo Justin in a tweet.

Although, it seems out of the box for google to implement a feature of voice calling in a video calling app but why not all the popular app like Skype and Facetime also featuring the same.

In addition, Google’s hangout and Google voice also featuring voice call option so if you have bored with them then it new thing to try out and as it is a Google product hence worth to try.

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