Google AutoDraw Makes Doodles into Meaningful Sketch with Powerful AI

This time to say bye to crappy drawing using sketch tool because Google has introduced an AI powered tool AutoDraw which will fix your sketch into an artistic sketch.

On 11 April, Google tweeted,” Doodle, sketch and create in no time with AutoDraw, a new tool that uses #MachineLearning to help you draw fast”. In which the search giant mentioned the address to get AutoDraw tool to download.

Moreover, this tool turns meaningless doodles into proficient sketches by using advanced artificial intelligence. In addition, you can find it on websites to play with your imagination and create your doodle. It is accessible on any device like PC, mobile, and tablets.

Utilizing neural networks and machine learning, and analyzing the sketch Google AutoDraw provides you different suggestion to give them shape.

If any two-line cross each other, AutoDraw would suggest you barbed wire, a rail track, an axe, and another things which resemble to the doodle you have designed.

Not only this but also, in case you find your sketch worthy to save then you can download it on your device.

Google also suggested an option for all the artist to submit their drawings for featuring in suggestion box.


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