A New Rocket Icon Showing up in Menu Bar at your Facebook Profile Page

Rocket Icon Showing up in Menu Bar on facebook

Facebook is known for its remarkable service and innovative features. Further, it always keeps on bringing new ideas and features in its current formation.

Moreover, there is a newly added feature with Facebook which some Facebook users are experiencing. It’s a new rocket icon which some users are viewing on their menu bar. The icon appeared on iOS & Android apps which links to a second news feed. Further, the content of the feed is chosen by Facebook for the user.

Facebook terms it as “a complementary feed of popular videos, articles, & photos, adapted for each user”. Further, the newly added feature is in the response of people demanding for an easy way to explore fresh & new contents they haven’t connected with yet.

This change is the latest in a series of current changes the company has made in response to some people curiously asking what else Facebook has planned for even better user experience.

It’s clear from the past that before rolling out a new feature comprehensively in use, Facebook tests it with a small user group for its popularity. So, it’s not known till now whether the new change of rocket icon will be comprehensively rolled out soon.

Moreover, from the users experience it’s seen that the second feed fires up contents, such articles and videos, that are selected by the Facebook algorithm on the basis of users’ past likes & interests. Some users say that they have the rocket icon but it has gone now.

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