Facebook Unveils a Way to Spot “Disputed or Fake News”

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The social media giant Facebook has started flagging fake news or what it calls ‘disputed news’. After many controversies, Facebook has come up with a way to spot ‘disputed or fake news’. The new way is initially started in 14 countries, where people, when log in to their Facebook account, will be able to find a prompt, at top of their news feed, asking for to browse tips on how to spot fake news.

Adding to this Facebook has also informed users for being skeptical about sensational headings, awkward formatting, misspelling, spotting errors, in a website or domain in order to spot whether the site is masquerading a reputable news portal.

The company took step after a misleading news titled “Trump’s Android Device Believed to Be Source of Recent White House Leaks” being spread on Facebook. Though, the story was fabricated and spread by an imaginary publication, named “The Seattle Tribune” but fooled people. Moreover, Facebook slapped a label on the story and a link to fact-checking services that elucidated why the story it isn’t true.

Then a warning label is being slapped on such articles which have no basis in reality. Some critics commented on Facebook that “it’s become a means of viral stories on the network, for example, a false story stating that pope had endorsed Trump – that had potential to influence the election. Also, they are demanding Facebook to take more accountability for the spread of misinformation.” Further, it raises a question whether Facebook should be an arbiter of truth.

Moreover, in response to the critics, the CEO of the world’s largest social networking platform Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg decided to rethink responsibilities of the company and hence revised its mission to actively address issues like misinformation and lack of civic engagement.

The vice president of the Facebook news feed, Adam Mosseri, stated in a blog that “We know people want to see accurate information on Facebook and so do we,” he further added, “False news and hoaxes are harmful to our community and make the world less informed.”

Moreover, after lots of controversies now Facebook has an initiative and is ready to take responsibility to stop fake news go viral.

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Facebook Unveils a Way to Spot “Disputed or Fake News”