What Facebook ‘M Assistant’ Creates a Buzz!

Facebook M assistant for Messenger

Facebook is known for news regular updates in its services to enhance users’ experience. Now Facebook is with a new feature which is Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based personal assistant, what Facebook calls it is ‘M’. This feature is now available to all the users in United States which works within the Facebook messenger app. Moreover, if we compare, then it works a similarly to Google Assistant found in Allo and Pixel smartphones. Further, as of now the Facebook M assistant is only capable to provide suggestions to users.

‘M’ feature uses machine learning for recognizing user’s intents in an ongoing conversation then it offers suggestions on its own when required. It provides suggestions on the basis of interactions with the users for example if user is talking about planning to have a lunch with a friend, then M can coordinate the plan by suggesting user with the available restaurants in the vicinity.

Apart from this it also provides suggestions by stickers as per the expressions that users exhibit in their everyday conversations. So, instead of typing your expression for birthday, thank you, etc. you can use emojis or stickers that look more appealing and exciting.

This service provides every type of suggestions such as it provides suggestions for cab from Uber or Lyft to users that are planning to go out. M Also provide suggestions for phone to phone payment when it comes in the messenger conversation, to a user who owes money to a friend. Provide location shortcuts to users if asked for in the messenger.

Suggestions just one part of the M feature apart from this it also work by creating virtual image of a user according using the searches, chats and questions by user. Once it creates the image it then provides more accurate suggestions to the user.

Moreover, it’s really an interesting and useful feature of the Facebook messenger that’ll benefit the users. Though, it’s awaited to be rolled out other Facebook users around the world. But really, it’s a good feature.

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